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We, EPaathshalaBD is committed to safeguarding your privacyabouto the protection of your personal information. It is our policy to
value the confidentiality of your privacy concerning any information we
collect for operating our website To provide our service, we may obtain
and sometimes share your information. Our policy shows our observations
concerning how we accumulate, use, share, and protect your personal
information on our website along with your acceptance to use, access, and
correction of your personal information. We advise all our website visitors
to read Privacy Policy and accept our terms and condition before logging
into the website or application. You must agree to our Privacy Policy to collect
or use your personal information. On the other hand, you are not allowed to
use any of our important videos, information, and documentation from our
website. If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy, please contact
our customer support team at [email protected]. (Here “You”
means the users of our website).


We are always committed to protect your personal and private information
in our website. You must need to provide us your personal information
which is required website. Our Privacy Policy is also applicable for those
who do not register into our website and visit our website for any
information. Our all registered and non-registered users must respect all of
ours’ Privacy Policy.

Information Criteria

If someone visits our website as a visitor, we do not collect your personal
information. We only collect browser name and some technical information.
When you register into our website, then we collect your personal
information to provide you, our services. We generally collect: Name, email
address, mobile number, preference courses, Bank/ Mobile Banking/ Card
information, account settings, password and some other information which
is important to get our services. We ensure you we will keep your
information safe into our data base and we will only use for our service

Process of Information Collection

We always maintain the objective of collecting information before or when
personal information is collected. Unless we have the permission or legal
obligations of the right person. We always collect personal data or
information in a professional, lawful, and fair process. Your personal
information should be accurate and updated to avoid any fraud information
or data.


Sometimes we use  & Cookies for collecting data and information. We also
provide some special offers or discounts that can be used by using
cookies. Cookies can also assist us in delivering your interests-oriented
information. Cookies may be used to classify users that have been enrolled
or logged in. Sometimes when you visit in our website, third party providers
may use cookies to serve different advertisements.

Uses of Information

We collect your information to contact and provide our services. We
analyze difficulties with our servers by using your IP address and operate
our website and applications. We can help to protect you against
partnerships and fraud through IP addresses. With the accessibility of modern
technology, we will enhance security. If we recover or join in another
company, before you transfer the information and obtain different privacy
policies, you will be notified via e-mail or other information. We may
disclose your personal information to the third party to obey with the court
instructions or to reflect that it desires the essential authenticity to fulfill with
the law and avoid imminent physical damage or loss of money.
Alternatively, investigate or take measures in connection with illegal
actions, suspected fraud or violation of the terms and conditions of use. In
accordance with our copyright policy, we may disclose personally
identifiable information. You can disclose your name, address, country,
telephone number, email address, and name of your business.

External Links

Our website can be linked with several other websites or our other social platform links like our official Facebook page. But once you leave
our website, you are not able to claim anything against our policy, as we
don’t have control over other websites. No website or sources supplied by
other companies or individuals other than us are under our control. You
acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any access to other
external websites, resources, or other materials. You acknowledge and agree
that we are not responsible for any loss or damage affected by other
sources or individuals.


You are not allowed to share our any kind of confidential data or
information to others without our written consent. We won’t share or
disclose your information to any third parties if required to do so by law by
the right authorities. No third-party authority will be marketed, shared, or
rented with us.


We cannot guarantee you of disclosing your personal or other information
is defined in this Privacy Policy. We may be obliged to disclose information
to the government, law enforcement agencies or third parties under any
circumstances. Third parties may illegally collect information or members
may abuse or misuse your information that they collect from our website.
We do not expect that your personal information will always remain private
even though we apply standard policy to protect your privacy. We work with
various organization or companies including law enforcement, to ensure
the enforcement of various laws. You allow us to share any personal
information with law enforcement and government officials in case of an
investigation into fraud, intellectual, or other illegal activities that may
expose us or you to legal liability.


We are always committed to protect all your personal information and we
always maintain technical procedure to safe all data on our website. All
financial transaction details and personal information will not be stored,
sold, shared, rented, or leased to any third parties.
We have standard policies for any kind of loss, waste, or alteration of your
personal information.


You should be alert that it is not possible for us to make guarantees about
the privacy of your private communications and other personal information
(including your confidential information such as credit card and bank
account numbers), as these things may be disclosed in a way that is not
described in this privacy policy. Because of this, although we promise to
protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee your privacy will be always
protected. You, as a user of this website, are aware of and accept that you
take all responsibility and risk for everything you do on this website, on the
Internet, and on your own devices, and anywhere else you go.

Right to Change Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

We have all the rights to modify and change the terms and privacy policy
from time to time if we think it is necessary maintain all our policies and
procedures. Your continuing uses our website will be taken as acceptance
of these terms and conditions. As a result, it is highly recommended that
you should check the terms, conditions, and our policies regularly. If you do
not agree to any change or alteration to the conditions, you may
immediately terminate from your use of this website and any associated

Please Contact us for any other queries at [email protected]

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