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Welcome to EPaathshalaBD

These terms and conditions define the rules and policies for the use of our website https://epaathshalabd.com/. By accessing or using this website, we assume you to accept all our terms and conditions.


EPaathshalaBD is a completely Government-authorized Skill development, Freelancing, and English Language E-Learning platform. EPaathshalaBD
owns the property rights for all material on our website and related platforms. All property rights are reserved. You may access this platform or website for your own personal use subject to restrictions set in these terms and conditions.

Register / Create Account

You can create your account on our website as a learner, instructor, or affiliate person. Learners can watch their purchased courses lifetime in their account, the instructor can manage their account to see the selling updates of their courses and the affiliate person can see their performance on our website. All members must maintain all rules and regulations of EPaathshalaBD.

Account Rules

No one can republish material from our website. Sell, rent, or sub-license material from EPaathshalaBD is strictly prohibited. No one can replicate, duplicate, or copy material from our website. If anyone breaks the rules, we will implement legal action against them. You can also visit our official Facebook page and LinkedIn page for more information. 

Rules for Learners

After creating your account on our website members can easily purchase any course. All courses on our website are solely the property of epaathshalabd.com. When any learner purchases our course, he/she can learn a lifetime from our website. Learners do not have any authority to download, share, screen record, or take videos from our website. If anyone breaks our rules and regulation, we will take legal action immediately. Every learner should read our terms and condition thoroughly before purchasing any course. Before purchasing any course learners should check the
payment method. After purchasing any course, if learners open the lessons no refund request will accept.

Rules for Instructors

As instructors, it is important to abide by our policies and rules. Your content must not violate any copyright or plagiarism laws. While we encourage the promotion of your courses on our platform and related sites, advertising or sharing content on third-party sites is not allowed.

Before signing any contracts, all instructors should thoroughly read our terms and conditions, contract paper, and privacy policy. Once signed, instructors must comply with all of EPaathshalaBD’s rules. We strongly recommend reviewing our privacy policy, terms, and conditions before signing any contracts.

After signing the contract paper, instructors have 15-18 days to deliver their course materials and videos. Instructors cannot resign for the next three years after signing the contract paper. If an instructor wishes to resign after three years, they may apply for a resignation letter, but the course will remain under the ownership of EPaathshalaBD for a lifetime.

All instructors must be committed to supporting their learners and EPaathshalaBD in any kind of campaign and live event. Instructors will be paid 40% of each course revenue, with 20% deducted from the total course sales for the platform and management payment gateway service. Payments will be made in the first week of every month, and EPaathshalaBD will provide all necessary documents regarding the courses.

In the event that an instructor violates any important rules outlined in the contract paper, privacy policies, or terms and conditions of EPaathshalaBD, the authorities of EPaathshalaBD reserve the right to take legal action against the individual. Penalties or fines may be imposed for certain violations.

Rules for Campus Ambassadors

As campus ambassadors, it is important to maintain the rules, terms, and conditions of EPaathshalaBD after signing the contract. Dedication and loyalty are necessary for carrying out assigned tasks and marketing. It is essential to commit to every task, and in case of any difficulty, contacting EPaathshalaBD authority for guidance is recommended. Resignation during the one-year contract period is not allowed. If someone wants to resign fines or charges will apply for disrespecting the task and the EPaathshalaBD campus ambassador program and showing a lack of responsibility. It is important to note that only EPaathshalaBD has the authority to terminate someone if they break the rules, terms, and conditions badly.

Payment withdrawal Limit

Starting from January 2024, the minimum withdrawal limit for our instructors’ payments will be 5000 BDT.

Course Prices

Course prices can vary from time to time based on our promotional policies or offers and instructors’ demands. Epaathshalabd.com reserved all rights to change or maintain the course prices based on their policies and rules.

Support For Learners

Our instructors are committed to lifetime support to our learners. We have Facebook secret groups for every course and Facebook official public group for learners and visitors to share their learning and professional activities and thoughts with all. After purchasing any course learners should submit the purchasing details through email or our Facebook page’s inbox. After monitoring all details our admin will add our learners to their purchasing secret course group.

Hiring Policy

EPaathshalaBD maintains all hiring policies from time to time through its own recruitment system. Recruitment can be both paid and unpaid. Before recruitment every individual must go through an internship stage of 3-4 months. Sometimes for special procedures, it can be
paid for by some individuals. We reserved the complete authority to hire employees.

Termination Process

EPaathshalaBD has the full authority to terminate any member, learner, instructor, or employee if they break any rules and regulations. Our authority also has the right to take legal action if anyone breaks the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Contract paper rules.

Changes and Updates

We have full authority to change our Terms and conditions, Privacy policies, and other policies from time to time.

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