JavaScript & ES6 With Problem Solving and Projects

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JavaScript & ES6 With Problem Solving and Projects:

In this course, you’ll learn and master the fundamentals of Modern JavaScript in only 12 hours. Unlike other courses that waste your time with lengthy and repetitive explanations, we are going to get to the business right from the get-go. You’ll write your first JavaScript program in minutes. All the examples of this course are real world. There is no Foo, Bar, or Baz nonsense, and the course is packed with plenty of exercises that help you master what you learn. Many of the exercises come up in the technical interviews. More specifically, you are going to learn all about Types. Operators, Conditionals, Loops, Objects, Arrays, Functions, and Error Handling. And on top of all these, you’ll learn how to think like a programmer.

This is something that is missing in other JavaScript courses out there that only focus on the JavaScript language itself. They don’t teach you ideal problem-solving and how to think like a programmer. If you don’t have a degree in software engineering, you need to master a very important skill, otherwise, you’ll cause them to reach them for reaching out for help every single time to write code. So, if you want to become a web developer? Mobile application developer, don’t waste your time on super long courses. Enroll in this course and get started. I’m very excited to have you on board. Enroll and take your first step to becoming a web developer.

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🎯  What you will learn from this course?
✅ JavaScript
✅ ES6 (Modern JavaScript) ECMAScript 6
✅  Interview & Real-Life Problem Solving
✅ 6 Live Projects
✅ API (Application Programming Interface)
✅ HTTP Status Code


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